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Nestor Resources, Inc.

Nestor Resources, Inc.
Waste Management & Recycling


Nestor Resources, Inc. specializes in waste material management with an emphasis on reduction, recycling and beneficial use

About Us

Practical Experience

From our own professional experience, we bring to every project a personal understanding of the unique needs of each client, whether they be a family-owned business, a corporate operation, or local government. 

 Nestor Resources brings a comprehensive background in solid waste management to each of our projects. We have an understanding not only of equipment, applications and processes, but also of the people, who are ultimately touched by the programs. That includes residents, business owners, program managers, laborers and elected officials.  

What We Can Do For You


Nestor Resources provides support to both public officials and private companies seeking a sustainable framework encompassing all elements of solid waste operations. 

From planning through feasibility studies to implementation and operational assessment, we work hand in hand with our clients to ensure that the programs we design actually work in the local environment.    

Proven Success

 Because we value our clients, we take time to get to know them and recognize their diverse needs. Most importantly, Nestor Resources offers a sensitivity for the return on each waste management and recycling dollar spent. This enables Nestor Resources to provide individualized solutions with "staying power", which are focused on quality performance and maximum recovery for the least cost per unit. 

 Our reputation for delivering consistently reliable recommendations and results is witnessed by continuing client loyalty and referrals. 


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