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Nestor Resources, Inc.

Nestor Resources, Inc.
Waste Management & Recycling

Professional Servivces

Solid Waste Management Planning and Studies


Nestor Resources has extensive experience in the development of comprehensive solid waste management plans. Our staff members gain a thorough understanding of an organization's current waste management systems in order to make cost effective, locally appropriate and sustainable solutions.

Components of Planning and Research Projects



  • Waste Generation and Composition Determinations 
  • Evaluation of Disposal Capacity Requirements  
  • Demographic Research and Projections 
  • Analysis of Recycling Markets 
  • Collection, Processing, Composting, Disposal Options 
  • Cost/Benefit Analyses for Public & Private Sectors 
  • Feasibility of Alternative Technologies
  • Waste Minimization and Source Reduction Strategies 
  • Public Education and Community Outreach Programs 

Ordinances, Regulations and Contracts 

Feasibility Studies and Research


Nestor Resources conducts feasibility studies  for communities and private companies. Our staff uses professional research techniques to perform skilled analyses, which deliver realistic assessments of programs and market conditions. Our working experience within the industry enhances the practical quality and application of the information.

Building Pubic Support through Outreach and Communication


Being attuned to public sentiment, political hurdles, and waste industry influence is crucial to successful development and implementation of a project. The ability to communicate on a variety of levels is an important skill in high profile projects that deal with sensitive and emotionally charged issues like waste management. Equally important is the ability to listen, assess the root causes and determine the motivating forces behind a situation.  


Nestor Resources is experienced in maneuvering prevailing differences in perceptions, political persuasions, and protection of local autonomy that affect public services and policy decisions. To affect change in these areas requires hands-on experience in tailoring solutions to fit local values, while maintaining the overall goals and objectives of the organization at large. 

 Consulting firms are expected to have a number of technical and analytical proficiencies. Nestor Resources couples those given skills with the value added capacity to deliver convincing arguments and justifications to support the decisions of local officials and to bolster public acceptance of policies. Additionally, Nestor Resources can help officials identify opportunities to satisfy regulatory demands without sacrificing public support. 

Program Development and Assessment

  • Determine the effectiveness of current programs 
  • Ensure the accuracy and relevancy of existing data 
  • Recognize the real costs of project implementation 
  • Evaluate the private and public function for new services 
  • Increase public participation through outreach programs 
  • Understand the effects of regulatory issues on programs 
  • Base plans on regional projects and resources  
  • Prepare for new technology and opportunities   

Procurement Process Support


Nestor Resources assists organizations at either end of the procurement process. 

We develop bid specifications and evaluate the proposals, and negotiate contracts for services, products and equipment. We have extensive experience in designing specifications for collection, processing, disposal, capacity assurance, and facility operations. 

The firm also provide support to those, who are in the process of preparing responses to requests for proposals or submitting competitive bids for various municipal solid waste services.

Typical Steps in the Procurement Process Procurement 


· Examine costs of each program component 

· Prioritize service requirements

· Eliminate cost prohibitive options


· Establish billing and rate structures


· Explore rebate and revenue sharing 

· Communicate needs more clearly to and from potential service providers


· Build consensus among administration, program managers, custodial staff and service providers 

· Develop the bid and contract documents 

· Review the bid submittals